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A company profile
(As of March, 2005)
A company profile
[a business name] OPTEC Inc.
[the location] 2-21-15 Nakahirocho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-city, 733-0012, JAPAN
[President] Susumu Uenaka
[the establishment] April 1, 1994

Main duties
Sale, development and execution of a monitor camera system
Sale, development and execution of an execution article monitor system
Sale and development of an execution other security system

A delivery example
Bookstore CD shop Rental video shop Game shop Game center
Household appliance shop Thrift shop Home Center Drugstore Brand shop
Convenience store Personal computer department Supermarket Liquer shop Apparel shop
Karaoke Spa Mobile phone shop Hospital Nursery school
Kindergarten Vocational school Net cafe Factory Discount store
Glasses shop Sporting goods shop Restaurant Office Training gym
Apartment Car article shop Pachinko shop Etc

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