The president's greeting
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The president's greeting
OPTEC Inc. is a specialized sale company of a security system. Do you do perfect security measures?
We always aim at suggestion and the support system which can give satisfaction to a visitor by the know-how from establishment of a business time and advanced specifications.
It solves an individual problem with you and wants to realize an anti-more effective security measure.
Sale of a security system
Monitor camera
A video recording of a monitor camera turned from a former VHS method into a hard disk method, and quality and speed of the image improved.
We are able to realize in particular the environment that a visitor was easy to use by adopting a PC type.
By this, a monitor camera plays an active part in place of a person in a wide field.
Article monitor system
When the staff possess an article with a special tag and passes the gate which the person who had the article installed in an entrance, a sensor reacts. It boils a sound and light and get together and report it to the staff. This is an article monitor system.
We adopt a high-performance Accorst Magnetic method.
By this, it sense a tag sensitively and you can prevent an unjust carrying out.
The support system
We do execution and maintenance through a supplier of each place politely.
In addition, we establish telephone correspondence for 24 hours and aim at the support system to have you feel relieved hereby

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